Champion - Drew Newquist

Student • Volleyball Player

From: Fishers, Indiana

Experiencing Hearing Loss

When Drew was four, his parents noticed that he was having some problems with his speech, so they took him to get his hearing tested. To everyone’s surprise, they discovered that Drew had a hearing loss. When he was fit with his first pair of hearing aids, he realized all the sounds he was missing out on. For example, he struggled to learn his ABC’s until he treated his hearing loss and could hear all the letters he had been missing before.

“Life was much more enriched when I received my first pair of hearing aids,” says Drew.

Life for Drew Today

Today, Drew is a great student who loves to play volleyball and participate in his youth group. He also likes to watch the history channel and looks up to role models like Neil Armstrong.

“Neil Armstrong is my role model because he was brave and persistent,” Drew says. “He was a trailblazer in his field of aeronautics.”

Drew has always faced challenges surround his hearing loss with determination, and that has taken him far.

“When I switched from a small private school to a larger public school in 5th grade, I made the transition with ease,” says Drew. “It didn’t take long for me to make new friends and truly feel like part of the school. This made me realize how well adjusted I had become and my hearing aids provided this.”

Why Drew is a HearStrong Champion

Drew is a HearStrong Champion because he sees the value in seeking help for hearing loss, and is an encouragement for others who might be hesitant to do so.

“People who have hearing loss should definitely seek assistance because life is much easier with hearing aids or devices to help,” he says. “It makes me sad to think that people, especially youth, would let their hearing challenges keep them from pursuing goals or meeting others.”

With the help of Vaughn Broadnax, former Ohio State Football Player, Drew was honored as a Champion at AudiologyNOW! 2017—the largest trade show in the industry. Check out the photos from his ceremony!

During AudiologyNOW in Indianapolis, Drew was honored as a HearStrong Champion in front of many hearing health professionals and students.

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