Champion - Dan Bozarth

Hearing Instrument Specialist • Advocate

From: Burbank, California

Experiencing Hearing Loss

Dan experienced hearing loss as a young adult when he worked in construction.

"I never worried about hearing protection," he said. "I thought it was too much of an inconvenience. Besides I never thought I was that bad—younger people just mumbled… I got used to the louder noises, and just continued turning up the television and the radio. I just thought that they weren't making them as loud as they used to."

The Importance of Hearing Better

Eventually Dan decided to take action and do something about his hearing loss. Part of this decision was inspired by his family history of hearing loss.

"My father has a profound loss, my grandmother had a moderate loss, and my brother has a moderate loss. Even my son had the distinctive family loss starting in his early teens," Dan shares. "I remembered trying to talk with my father when I was younger, and it could be difficult. I didn't want my family to go through that.”"

Today, Dan is a hearing instrument specialist, and he helps others improve their lives through better hearing as well.

"I realized that even though my loss is moderate, I was still missing out on so much," says Dan. "Now I am able to communicate with others because I can actually understand what they are saying… I can go to group functions again—bible study, class reunions, large family gatherings—and also further my education."

When asked if there was a specific moment that symbolized the impact better hearing has had on his life, Dan shared, "When my grandson whispered in my ear, 'Pa, you're the best.' I didn't have to ask him to repeat it."

Why Dan is a HearStrong Champion

Dan is a HearStrong Champion because he has taken his personal experience with hearing loss and used it as his motivation to help others.

"I believe that as long as there is help, I don't have to keep missing things in my life," he says. "I am also able to relate with my patients who come in asking me for help. Even someone who has a moderate hearing loss deserves to have the best quality of life possible."

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