Champion - Christine Fuller

Registered Nurse • USAF Veteran

From: Greencastle, PA

Understanding Hearing Loss

"I am a disabled veteran and suffered some hearing loss in the United States Air Force. I finally faced reality four years ago and was fitted for a hearing aid in just my right ear. Two years ago, my hearing began to decline and I was fitted with a second hearing aid. I was then diagnosed with Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease (AIED)."

Christine is now a Volunteer Disaster Nurse for the states of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Her responsibilities include operating the shelter, providing flu shots, and preparing for potential disasters. She is also involved with the EEO & Diversity Committee, and the Hearing Loss Association of America and. She is an active member of the SayWhatClub, an organization that helps individuals who are passion about hearing loss to connect online.

Coping with Hearing Loss

"I was unable to hear my patients and co-workers well, which caused me to feel like I didn’t belong, and I feared missing some critical pieces of information. My hearing aids have helped me so much!"

She offers advice to those seeking assistance with hearing loss to, "Don’t wait, you’re missing out on so much! Go and have a hearing test done, because it is just as important as every other annual test."

Hearing Better

"I can hear my patients better, and I can hear heart and lung sounds through my electronic stethoscope that streams sound through my hearing aids. I can also hear my grown children during our FaceTime calls! My patients inspired me to take action with my hearing loss after I found myself struggling to catch every word they were saying. I knew in that moment it was time to get help."

Christine says improved hearing has given her the ability to have better conversations with her husband and patients. She feels joy providing care to our Nation’s finest and our Wounded Warriors as a V.A. Nurse, which something made possible through the use of her hearing aids and cochlear implant.

Why Christine Is A HearStrong Champion

"I would be honored to be named a HearStrong Champion. I am an example of someone who doesn’t let her disability define her. I am a hearing impaired disabled veteran and a Registered Nurse who is breaking down barriers!"

Christine is a prime example of one who dedicates herself to service. Her wish is to inspire others, continue being a successful woman, and enjoy her time hearing better personally and professionally.

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