Champion - Christi Moncavage, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology • Teacher

From: Elysburg, PA

Early Use of Hearing Devices

Before Christi was diagnosed with hearing loss as a child, her family didn’t always understand the signs that she couldn’t hear as well as they thought.

“[My] family thought I was always mad because I was slamming doors and was very loud,” she remembers. Her inability to hear them properly led them to believe that she was ignoring them. However, they eventually had her hearing evaluated and she was fit with her first pair of hearing aids around the age of five.

Achieving Success Through Better Hearing

With the help of her hearing devices, Christi went on to become a successful doctor of audiology, earning her degree from the Arizona School of Health Sciences in March of 2005. Today, she supports her patients along their journey to hearing better in addition to supervising graduate students who are studying for their own audiology degree at Bloomsburg University. Others describe her as an inspiring person and as someone who conveys the importance of hearing better to her students and patients each and every day.

Giving Back

Christi uses her talents and experiences to help her students and patients achieve their personal and professional goals. Her own hearing loss and successful use of hearing aids help her teach students about their patients’ unique needs. These aspects of her life also help her connect with her own patients and get them back to hearing their best.

“I can relate to my patients,” she says. “I’ve been there and I understand their struggles. I try all of the hearing aids myself so I can convey my experiences with them. [Hearing] keeps you connected and involved with people and your environment.”

Why Christi is a HearStrong Champion

Christi is an accomplished doctor of audiology, an engaged supervisor of graduate students, and a passionate hearing healthcare provider.

In reflecting on moments that really symbolize the impact hearing better has had on her life, she says, “Hearing my husband’s wedding vows, hearing my daughter cry for the first time, and hearing my name as a recipient of a doctoral degree: hearing is what makes every life event better.”


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