Champion - Brett Bell

Student • Sports Enthusiast

From: North Little Rock, AR

Discovering His Hearing Loss

Shortly after Brett was born, he began to show signs of hearing loss, and his parents were adamant to get him the assistance he needed.

“We found out that Brett failed his newborn hearing screening at the hospital,” said Brett’s mom. “We kept pushing for answers and appointments because I knew speech development was critical at a very young age. Early intervention is the key to success! If Brett had not been diagnosed by the Newborn Hearing Screening, I do not know where he’d be today.”

Because of his parent’s determination to get him early intervention, Brett was fit with hearing aids at nine months old. He later received a cochlear implant at the age of seven, which was major progress for Brett, according to his mother.

She says, “When Brett was fit for his cochlear implant processor, he walked out of the children’s hospital and said, ‘I hear the birds, mama!’ That moment was pretty awesome!”

Getting Involved

Brett is now a hard-working student who is involved in many activities, not only in his school, but also in his community.

“I make good grades and love playing and watching sports,” Brett says. “I am a member of the Levy Church of Christ Youth Group where I help with Community Day, and I also volunteer to film the high school football and basketball games at our school.”

His hearing aids have helped him stay active and improve his relationships. His mom claims that Brett has had an easier time in school since receiving his cochlear implants.

“He can communicate so much better now,” she says. “His frustration levels have decreased with others and with his teachers. His speech also became so much clearer!”

His Role in Left Out

Brett and his mother shared Brett’s experience with hearing loss with a young adult author, Tim Green. Green wrote a novel called Left Out about a young athlete with hearing loss. Brett is even featured as a character in the book!

“Being in Left Out and what that book means to me and our family is truly a huge accomplishment for middle school hearing impaired kids!” says Brett’s mother.

Why Brett is a HearStrong Champion

Brett is a HearStrong Champion due to his advocacy for those with hearing loss, and his involvement in his community.

“Brett is such a great kid!” his mother says. “He is an encourager of everyone, whether that means walking down the hall at school or in a sports situation.”

When asked how he feels about being a HearStrong Champion, Brett says he is honored!

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