Champion - Bethany Noll

Audiology Doctoral Student • Humanitarian

From: Robesonia, Pennsylvania

Changing the World with Better Hearing

Bethany was fit with her first pair of hearing aids at just four years old. Today, she is changing the lives of children around the world by helping them get fit with the hearing technology they need.

An audiology student, Bethany volunteers with a group that travels to places where hearing care is limited or not available. So far she has been to Haiti, Zambia, and even to Guatemala three times! She says,

"I believe these trips are very important because there are very few people advocating for children with hearing loss in these countries. Often times they are pushed aside, and thought to not have a successful life. I want to change that perception.

The second time I was in Guatemala, I actually fit the hearing aids I was wearing myself for a 17-year old girl. She told me she wanted to be a teacher. Dr. Elliot and I both decided she needed the best hearing technology, and our supplies were limited, so we reprogrammed my hearing aids for her."

Why Hearing Matters

Bethany says that better hearing has helped her succeed academically, and maintain healthy and strong relationships with her friends and family members. It also inspired her in her career. She says,

"Audiology in general has played a big part in my life. It is actually the reason I have chosen the career path I am in. I am currently a third year audiology doctoral student. I would've never even considered this career path if I didn't have a hearing loss and wear hearing aids… I believe I was given a hearing loss so I could give back the gift that I have been given, especially in areas that are less fortunate."

Why Bethany is a HearStrong Champion

Bethany is a HearStrong Champion because she is determined and passionate about making the world a better place. She has taken her own experiences with hearing loss and channeled them into something that helps people in her community and beyond.

"I believe I am a strong advocate for people with hearing loss," says Bethany. "I am not afraid to show off my hearing aids or talk about my hearing loss. It is important for people to understand that hearing loss does not need to be looked as a detriment because we can all still live a successful life and achieve greatness."

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