Champion - Alex Mussomeli

Artist • Student

From: Westport, CT

Discovering His Goals

Even at the age of 11, Alex has big dreams and has set lifelong goals for himself. He is a junior black belt and participates in Kung Fu classes, proving that hearing loss can’t stop anyone from excelling in sports.

Alex also has a passion for art and even created an art show called, "The Wonder of Art Exploration," which includes many of his own paintings. The show was successful and raised approximately $16,000 for the Hearing Health Foundation! He hopes this will inspire artists and those with hearing loss around the globe.

"My biggest role model is Thomas Edison," says Alex. "He was curious, and went above boundaries that society tried to impose on him, and he also had hearing loss."


Appreciating Life

After being tested in the hospital at birth for hearing loss, Alex's family didn't stop until they found the best hearing healthcare for him. Alex now has a cochlear implant in his right ear, and wears a hearing aid in his left ear, and this allows him to hear better. Alex participates in a number of activities and is enrolled in public school, two things that he succeeds in with the help of his hearing devices.

In addition to painting and taking Kung Fu classes, Alex plays the piano, is an avid reader, and is active in baseball and soccer; however, he says that his primary interest is being an artist.

Alex's Advice

"Don't let hearing loss determine the person you will be," says Alex. "Get help, and live your life."

Alex remembers the first time his life was positively impacted from his cochlear implant. He says,

"When I first received my aqua accessory for my implant and could hear the bubbles, water splashing, and people talking in the water. It was an amazing, new experience."

Why Alex Is A HearStrong Champion

"I feel special and proud to be a HearStrong Champion," says Alex. "I want to share my story with others and inspire them to follow their own paths."

As a talented, and inspirational young man, Alex continues to pursue many activities and hopes this will motivate others with hearing loss. At the age of 11, he will continue to be an advocate for those with hearing loss and excel with his positive mindset.

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